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Hey guys...just thought I'd pose some progress pictures for critique/encouragement/ridicule/whatever. When I went to the doctor's about a month ago I was 105, but I still have a ways to go...

name: Katy
age: 21 (as of December 20, 1984...if I need to older than 21 + four months, I'll leave!)
eating disorder type: 8th grade through sophomore year of high school I has diagnosed as anorexia/bulimic/exercise OC...but now I'm healthier, not as compulsive...just...conscious of my weight? Or, according to my mom/doctor/etc, "Once an anorexic, always an anorexic."
height: 5'6"
current weight: 105
highest weight: 130 ("recovering" from bulimia, struggling to break the binge cycle)
lowest weight: 90
short term goal weight: 100
long term goal weight: 90
anything interesting about yourself: um...sometimes I like to play America's Next Top Model with my best friend? Okay maybe that's not interesting so much as slightly pathetic...but at least it explains the pics... 
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My Italian couture/80's prom queen dress.

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Me trying to pose like Nicole. I'm so lame.

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Nothing to hide behind. Except the censor bar.

Love you girls...stay strong<3<3
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