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Adults With Eating Disorders

Over 21 With Eddie

The Eating Disorder Community for Those Over 21
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This community is for anyone with disordered eating OR an eating disorder who is over the age of 21. Adults with ed's sometimes have unique issues than teens with ed's, and I was hoping to create a sacred space for them.

This isn't a pro-ed community, but if you are not ready to recover and are looking for healthier ways to CONTAIN your eating disorder, you are more than welcome.

Anyone is free to join, but if your age or birthdate is not on your info page which shows you are over 21, then you will be deleted.

Things Encouraged:

Thinspiration photos! The more, the better! Please, no EXTREME ana photos.

Any and all discussions about losing, maintaining, or gaining weight. Any tips or tricks to make being ana, mia, ednos, or coe a healthier experience. Let us help each other correct the myths and point out the facts about the tips and tricks out there, and their short and long term effects.

"I'm so fat" posts. You are more than welcome to let off some steam about your problems, feelings, and anxieties here.

Questions about the psychological, emotional, spiritual, or social aspects of being an adult with an ed. Discussions about having children, disabilities, marriages or partnerships, jobs or unemployment.

Discussing sex, body image, sexuality, and how our problems effect them.

Ways to deal with family members, co-workers, bosses, associates, spiritual advisors, communities, etc. We need to learn to take the pressure off of those we care about (and those who hold our jobs in their hands) as well as be able to have the space we need.

RESPECT: Not everyone in here has the same experiences, the same desires. Please, those who have disordered eating, you are not allowed to belittle those with actual eating disorders. Same goes for those with actual ed's. There may be people here who are on the brink, or wavering between disordered eating and an eating disorder. Please don't alienate them for their "unofficial problems".

Things that will NOT be tolerated:

Anti-Obese Photos: There is nothing that I hate more than seeing people making prejudice comments and making fun of photos of the chronically obese. They have their own disorders and make their own choices, and I will find spilling hatred and humiliation about them 100% intolerable. If you post obese photos with the intention of belittling them, or make blatantly discriminatory statements (okay: I don't want to be obese because I would feel gross and out of control; bad: obese people are pathetic. I don't know why they don't kill themselves for being so disgusting.), they will be removed.

Trolls: If there is a troll posting, please email me immediately at sanctificorpus @ yahoo.com.

Blatantly encouraging other to start an eating disorder: no asking for tips on how to make you purge better and no looking for zero calorie diet buddies (calorie counting and restriction buddies are okay).